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Events at the Ottawa Branch



Ian Grant, P.Eng.


 Thursday 13th December 2018Ian Grant Consulting 

Launch of the Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme

in the United Arab Emirates

John C. FraserWednesday 7th November 2018 Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionChernobyl Two Day Tour
 Derek MullinTuesday 24th October 2017  Senior Technical Advisor, Reactor Safety Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station 

Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station

 Tsunami Hazard Assessment


Dr. Kathryn A. McCarthy

Tuesday 12th September 2017

Vice-President, Research & Development,

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

The 10-Year Plan for Science and Technology Activities

at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Dr. Peter Ozemoyah

Tuesday 21st February 2017

CNS President

The Canadian Nuclear Society View from the Top

Mr. Marcel      De Vos

 January 30th 2017

Senior Project Officer

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Update on Small Modular Reactors – Development, Deployment and Regulation
Mr. Christopher H. ClementMay 25th,2016Scientific Secretary of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). Science,Values and Experience
Mr. Paul ThompsonMarch 16th,2016NB Power,    President, Canadian Nuclear Society

Lessons Learned from the Point Lepreau Generating Station Refurbishment

Richard A. Wiens, P.Eng, CPIM Feb 1st, 2016Nordion Inc.

A Billion Curies and Counting

50 Years of Canadian

Nuclear Innovation in Healthcare

 Mr. Frank Saunders Nov 18th, 2015 Bruce PowerThe Bruce Site 2001 - 2015
Ron Thomas’s
 June 11th 2015Canadian Nuclear SocietyThe Branch held a special dinner event to celebrate branch member recent appointment to “Fellow of the Society”.
Mr. Jacques Plourde, CNS PresidentApril 7, 2015President,Canadian Nuclear SocietyJacques gave a very interesting and engaging presentation covering his 40 years in the nuclear field in Canada
Fred BoydMarch 28, 2015Canadian Nuclear SocietyOttawa Branch was pleased to be a sponsor and participated as a judge at the Ottawa Regional Science Fair.
Dr. Jeremy WhitlockDec 4th 2014Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)Dr. Jeremy Whitlock of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) to mark “75 Years Of Fission!”
Dr. Neil AlexanderNovember 6th 2014

University of Saskatchewan, Fedoruk Centre


Presentation provided an overview of the work of the Fedoruk Centre and described some of its key activities.     Dr. Neil Alexander of the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation (Fedoruk Centre).
Mr. Garry SchwarzSeptember 25th 2014Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)The presentation then described the European Union (EU) stress test process that took place in Europe following the accident at Fukushima    Mr. Garry Schwarz, of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) on “Cernavoda NPP - The EU Stress Test”.
Fred Boyd, FCNSApril 1, 2014Canadian Nuclear SocietyPeaceful Nuclear Explosions - A Historical Perspective
 Dr. Jaroslav Pachner
February 3, 2014 Pachner AssociatesBenchmarking the Borssele Nuclear Power Plant
Dr. David LeBlancMay 2, 2013Terrestrial Energy, Inc.
The Curious Tale of Molten Salt Reactors
Prof. Ian ClarkMarch 19, 2013University of Ottawa
Geological Sequestration of Spent Nuclear Fuel
Mr. Ramzi JammalFebruary 19, 2013Executive Vice President, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (EVP, CNSC)
Fukushima Daiichi NPP Site Visit and Decontamination Tour of the Tohoku Region

Mr. Paul Dickman

Dr. Dale Klein

Prof. Michael Corradini

January 11, 2013American Nuclear Society Fukushima Committee
Fukushima Daiichi: American Nuclear Society Committee Report
Mr. John RobertsNovember 5, 2012President, Canadian Nuclear Society
The Future of the Canadian Nuclear Society
Dr. William DiamondOctober 2, 2012Independent ConsultantAccelerator Based Production of Medical Radioisotopes
Dr. Ragnar DworschakMay 23, 2012Director of Technical Services, Best Theratronics Ltd.

Nuclear Medicine for Diagnostics,
Therapy and Clinical Research (canceled)

Ms. Ruth BrinstonApril 24, 2012President, BioviveA Global Perspective on Food Irradiation
Mr. Norm SawyerFebruary 13, 2012EVP and Chief Nuclear Officer, Bruce PowerBruce A NPP: Operational Status
Mr. Cedric JobeJanuary 16, 2012Director, Nuclear Energy Supply Branch, Ontario Ministry of EnergyOntario's Long-term Energy Plan and the Role of Nuclear
Messrs. Arnold Eyre and Don LawsonNovember 17, 2011Independent ConsultantsEnergy Compass: Logic & Exercise
Mr. Frank DoyleOctober 4, 2011President, Canadian Nuclear SocietyFuture of PHWRs
Mr. Dan MeneleyApril 21, 2011University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Nuclear Safety or Risky Nuclear?

Recent Updates on Fukushima (eg)

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Mr. David TorgersonMarch 28, 2011Atomic Energy of Canada (Emeritus)Sustainability in Nuclear Power
*co-sponsored with Carelton University
Mr. Adriaan BuijsFebruary 22, 2011McMaster UniversityNuclear Energy and Sustainable Engineering Practices
Mr. David CoxDecember 16, 2010Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd
Repair of the NRU Reactor Vessel
Mr. Mike WhiteOctober 18, 2010Consultant 
Mr. Ian GrantSeptember 7, 2010Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, United Arab Emirates
Establishing the Nuclear Safety Infrastructure in the UAE
Mr. Pierre Lahaie
May 6, 2010Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Management System Standards in the Canadian Nuclear Industry
Captain Peter Lang
March 24 2010Air Canada
Safe Flight
Professor Duane Bratt
February 25 2010Dept of Policy Studies, Mount Royal University Calgary Alberta
Introducing Nuclear Power in Alberta
Professor Chris Hubbard
December 9 2009Professor Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia
Australia's Nuclear Past, Present and Future (canceled due to weather)
Mr. Daniel Brady
November 19 2009Natural Resources Canada
Overview of Canada's Gen-IV National Program
Mr. Frank Doyle
October 6 2009CANDU Owner's Group (COG)
CANDU R&D From A COG Perspective
Professor Brent Lewis
April 16 2009Professor Royal Military College Kingston
Aircrew and Spacecrew Radiation Exposure: The Dangers of Getting High
Professor Don Wiles
March 19 2009Emeritus Professor Carleton University
Radiochemistry: Its History and Future
Mr. Jim Harvie
February 18 2009President Canadian Nuclear Society
From CNSC to CNS: A Former Regulator's Perspective
Prof. Michel Pettigrew
January 29 2009BWC/AECL/NSERC Chair of Fluid-Structure Interaction École Polytechnique, Montréal
Flow-Induced Vibration in Two-Phase Flows
Mr. Terry Jamieson
November 20 2008Vice President, Technical Support Branch Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Licensing Nuclear Reactors in Canada: Recent Changes to the CNSC Approach
Dr. John Campbell
October 21 2008Department of Physics (retired)University of Canterbury Christchurch New Zealand
Rutherford and the Nobel Prize
Prof. F.P. Ottensmeyer
September 24 2008Professor Emeritus, Medical Biophysics University of Toronto
Subduction for Permanent Disposal of Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste
Ms. Laurie Swami
April 30, 2008Director, Licensing; Nuclear Generation Development Ontario Power Generation
Ontario Power Generation's Nuclear Operations, Refurbishments, and New Build Projects
Mr. John Walsh
March 20, 2008Energy Advisor; Former Director-General Natural Resources Canada
The Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Nuclear Energy and the Hydrogen Economy
Mr. Eric Williams
February 28, 2008President, Canadian Nuclear Society
Let's Not Pooch It Up this Time!
Dr. Satyen Baindur
January 24, 2008Chief Scientist, Ottawa Policy Research Associates (OPRA)
Nuclear Hydrogen Production: Safety Issues in a Nuclear/Thermochemical Context
Dr. Jeremy Whitlock
December 13, 2007Atomic Energy of Canada LimitedAECL
A New Approach to CANDU Safeguards
Dr. David LeBlanc
October 25, 2007Carleton University, Physics Department
Molten Salt Reactors: The 2 Fluid Approach to a Practical Closed Cycle Thorium Reactor
Dr. Ron Mitchel
September 26, 2007Radiation and Health Physics BranchAECL, Retired
Cancer and Low Dose Responses in vivo: Implications for Radiation Protection
Mr. Richard WiensApril 5, 2007Global Brand Manager, Sterilization.MDS Nordion
New Frontiers for Gamma Technology
Dr. Daniel A. MeneleyMarch 1, 2007Former President, Canadian Nuclear Society
A Stroll Down the Risk Acceptance Curve
Mr. Mike Taylor
February 8, 2007Former Member, Commission Tribunal, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
The Regulatory Style of the CNSC
Mr. David MoseyNovember 24, 2006Science WriterThe Role of Institutional Failure in Nuclear Accidents
Dr. Ian GrantOctober 12, 2006Director-General Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Current Developments in Nuclear Safety Regulation
Dr. David Torgerson2005-06Senior Vice President AECL
The Future of CANDU
Mr. Bob Pollock2005-06Vice President AREVA-COGEMA Resources Inc.
Saskatchewan's Uranium Mining Industry
Prof. John Luxat2005-06NSERC/UNENE Industrial Research Chair in Nuclear Safety Analysis, McMaster University
Energy Challenges and Nuclear Opportunity
Mr. Don Amundrud2005-06Former Weapons Inspector IAEA
Improving IAEA Inspection Regimes: A Day in the Life of a Weapons Inspector


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