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Available Papers

Conference TypeConference CountPaper Count
Annual CNA/CNS Student Conference 143 Papers
Annual CNS Conference 510 Papers
International CANDU Maintenance Conference 1 Conference 63 Papers
International CNS CANDU Fuel Conference 1 Conference 74 Papers
Nuclear Simulation Symposium 1 Conference 37 Papers
Waste Mgmt, Decomm. & Envir. Restoration for Canada's Nuclear Activities" 1 Conference 88 Papers
International Symposium 1 Conference 116 Papers
International Conference 493 Papers
International Technical Meeting on Small Reactors 1 Conference 65 Papers

Individual Conference-Paper Copies (Electronic Where Available):

  • For CNS members, the first 5 copies per calendar year are free, and additional copies are $10 each.
  • For non-members, the price is $25 for the first Conference-paper copy in a request, and $10 each for additional copies of papers in the same conference and in the same request.
  • Contact the CNS office to order reprints.