Thanks to Dr. Mike Attas of Whiteshell Laboratories of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, I am the happy owner of ...

published by Thomas Allen, Limited, Toronto, Canada, 1959. Many thanks to the people at Thomas Allen for helping me try and track down the copyright, which was returned to the author Joe Holliday in the 1960s. Mr Holliday has died, but any leads on contacting his heirs would be most welcome. Please contact me, Morgan Brown, if you can help - I'd love to post a reprint of the book on this site.

The author's dedication:
Dedicated to those workers at Chalk
River, Ontario, who are putting the
mighty atom to work for peaceful uses
on behalf of mankind - and a better

OK, no doubt about it, this is a dated story. But it's fun to read the descriptions of Chalk River, Deep River, and even Dr. David Arnold Keys.