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The following photographs came from AECL and the collection of NPD System Designer L.R. Haywood.   Thanks, Les.

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In the beginning - CAPD, Summer 1955.  103 kB
Some of the design team at Canadian General Electric's "Civilian Atomic Power Development" (CAPD).   CGE employed 350 scientists, engineers, technologists and others in CAPD in 1962.   In this picture are: Fred Boyd, Dick Johnston, Ray Ducker, Lorne Mensforth, Otto Laderack, John Matthew, Derek Lee, Doug Boxall, Lorne McConnell, Dave Morgan, ? Braund, Gord Davis, Chic Whittier, Les Haywood, Tod Wilcox, John Foster, Alex Hoyle, Ralph Flemons, Brian Ahern and four unknowns.

CAPD office, 1959.  100 kB
The CAPD office in 1959.   Note the array of drafting tables, the total lack of computers, and only one guy tied up on the phone!
The men in the foreground are:
(left, top to bottom) Elwyn Lewis, Ken McConkey and unknown.
(middle, top to bottom) Bob Holland, unknown and Dave Coates (?).
(right, top to bottom) Harry Taylor, Clive Eaton.

3 men.  75 kB
Unknown, Les Haywood and Dick Johnston. Note the 7-pin fuel bundle.

5 men.  64 kB
Clockwise around the table, from the left: Dave Coates, John Pawliw, Lorne Mensforth, Doug Boxall, and unknown. Note the 7-pin fuel.

Horton and Woodhead.  64 kB
Sam Horton and Larry Woodhead.

Norm Klingbeil.  100 kB
Norm Klingbeil testing the NPD control and safety system at CAPD.

CGE display, 1959.  86 kB
CGE's fuel channel component display in Peterborough, 1959. Lorne McConnell on the left, and Bill Brown on the right.

NPD channel closures.  62 kB
Fuel channel components from display at CGE Peterborough, 1959.

Fueling machine on test.  88 kB
First NPD fueling machine on test at CAPD, Peterborough
Front: Vern Pond.
Middle row (L to R): Don Medd, Cy Skinner, Jack Veenman, Sandy Sanderson, Roy Barnes, Conrad Zimmermann.
Back row: Harry Taylor, Elwyn Lewis, Gord Morrison.

Fueling machine Model II.  114 kB
NPD fueling machine Model II

NPD calandria in welding shop. 108 kB
NPD calandria in CGE shop 1958/59. Alex Marsh welding in the foreground, calandria dump section in the background.

Calandria vessel en route to NPD, passing through Deep River, June 1961. 127 kB
The NPD calandria (centre float) being transported west along Highway 17 through Deep River, en route to the Rolphton construction site, June 1961

Early days of fuel manufacturing. 92 kB
Early days of fuel manufacturing at CAPD, Peterborough

Fuel ready for shipment. 94 kB
Fuel ready for shipment.   Note 7-pin bundle on bench.
L to R: John Matthew, John Bowman, Les Haywood and unknown.

NPD reactor face before start-up. 113 kB
Reactor face and fueling machine (locked onto the used fuel discharge port) in early 1962.   Dave Morgan pointing.

First criticality, April 11 1962. 131 kB
NPD group photo at first criticality (2:40 am, April 11, 1962) .

First electricity,
June 4, 1962. 84 kB
First delivery of electricity from NPD to the Ontario grid (1:31 am EDT, June 4, 1962).
L to R: Bill Lawson (Shift Supervisor), Lorne McConnell (Station Superintendent), Alan McCarthy (First Operator).
Announcement by Bill Lawson: "Attention all personnel! Canada's first electricity generated by burning of nuclear fuel has just now been sent into the transmission line of Ontario Hydro" [signed by L.G. McConnell]

First refueling, 1963. 80 kB
First on-power refuelling at NPD G.S., Rolphton, Ont, November 24 1963.
Front: E.A. Sawchuk, R.E. Irvings, W.M. Brown, J. Park
Back: J.L. Irvine, D. Erwin, D.M. Hayter, R.A. Ward, T.A. Nicks, K.G. Zimmermann, E.K. Stevens

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