Canada's Nuclear Pioneers

Compiled by M.J. Brown, P. Eng. and Dr. J. W. Whitlock
Canadian Nuclear Society

There have been many Canadians amongst the pioneers in nuclear science, medicine, technology, geology and administration (even politics).   The following is a limited list of brief biographies and links for a few of Canada's nuclear pioneers and players, including some non-Canadians who worked in Canada and contributed to Canadian nuclear science and technology, and some Canadians who moved abroad to work.

Entries marked with an asterisk * are those mentioned in George Laurence's work Early Years of Nuclear Energy Research in Canada

The CNS tries to ensure accuracy in the following articles, many of which were compiled from other sources (newspapers, alumni magazines, obituaries, etc.), but there may be mistakes.   If you find any errors, have any additions, or would like to send a write-up or link for other Canadian nuclear pioneers (there are many), please

The Canadian Association of Physicists produced a special edition of the CAP journal "Physics in Canada", titled A Century of Physics in Canada in March/April 2000.

Also, there are many biographies and additional details in the highly recommended The Development of Nuclear Reactor Theory in the Montreal Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada (Division of Atomic Energy) 1943-1946 by M.M.R. Williams. See also Canadian and British Early Atomic Energy Reports (1940-1946) for additional links related to Williams' project.

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