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The Toronto Branch of the Canadian Nuclear Society announces a public seminar


Speaker:             Mr. William Cook, University of New Brunswick


Topic:                    UNB’s Program for Flow Assisted Corrosion in CANDU Outlet Feeders

Date and Time: Wednesday, November 6, 2002

                             11:45 AM – 1:00 PM

Location:           OPG Head Office, 19th Floor, Conference Room #2

All welcome.  Coffee and donuts will be provided.  If you are coming from outside of OPG, please send your name to Adam ( and check in as a visitor at the front desk on the main floor.




Since the discovery of flow assisted corrosion (FAC) in the feeders at Pt.  Lepreau, much effort has been exerted in examining the causes, mechanisms and possible remedies for the higher than expected thinning rate.  The original testing on the carbon steel chosen for the feeder pipes (SA106-B) had shown low corrosion rates at velocities up to 38 m/s.  To date, several sections of the outlet feeder pipes have already been replaced due to cracking that may or may not be associated with FAC. However, FAC was apparent on all sections of pipe removed.


This talk will highlight UNB’s work to date on FAC including the development of online monitoring techniques, mechanistic modelling and experiments that have been conducted in a high temperature loop and a bench-top rig to examine the affects of flow velocity, coolant pH and the scalloping phenomenon.  Recent work completed involving a trial of titanium injection to the coolant will be described.


Speaker's Biography


William Cook obtained his B.Sc.Eng and M.Sc.Eng. degrees in Chemical Engineering at UNB where he is currently the Research Manager for the Chair in Nuclear Engineering.  He is a registered professional engineer in New Brunswick and oversees the research of students at the Masters and Ph.D.  levels.  His areas of expertise are corrosion and water chemistry of reactor systems and the development of online measurement techniques for their monitoring.


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