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Toronto Branch of the Canadian Nuclear Society Announces a Public Seminar

Speaker: Jerry M. Cuttler DSc PEng FCNS


Title of Talk: Curing Cancer with Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation

Please see our new web page, "Health Effects of Low Doses of Radiation" for more information.

Date and Time: 11:45 AM, February 8, 2001

Location: Main Auditorium, OPG Head Office, 700 University Avenue, Toronto

Visitors please enter the OPG front doors outside Queens Park subway station and take the stairs or elevator to the Mezzanine Level and follow the signs.

Coffee and donuts will be provided.


Radiation damages cells in biological organisms, but there is also a very high rate of damage caused by normal metabolic activity due to attack by reactive oxygen species. All organisms have natural defense mechanisms, which prevent, repair and eliminate cell damage, whatever the cause. Low doses of radiation stimulate our natural defences, while high doses impair them. Cancer and other diseases can be treated with low dose irradiation to achieve cures and to increase patient survival with a high quality of life. (Do more good than harm.) This lecture will identify scientific evidence for beneficial effects of low doses, present a quantitative model of the phenomenon and describe recent medical applications, as well as many potential ones.

Speaker's Biography

Dr. Cuttler graduated from Engineering Physics at the University of Toronto in 1964. Following ten years of nuclear engineering and R&D work in Israel, he joined Atomic Energy of Canada Limited and headed the branch that designed reactor control, safety system and radiation instrumentation for the CANDU 6, Pickering and Bruce generating stations. He was then appointed project engineering manager for Bruce B, then Romania and then SLOWPOKE heating reactor. Following four years of marketing at the Pickering station, he managed CANDU 9 engineering integration and Y2K support to the CANDU stations.

Dr. Cuttler served on the Council of the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) for ten years and was president in 95/96. He was appointed Fellow of the CNS last June.

During the past five years, Dr. Cuttler examined many studies, and the associated data, on the effects of ionizing radiation on health. He has drawn widespread attention in Canada (and abroad) to the beneficial effects of low doses. He has now left AECL and would like to work in close cooperation with cancer centres in Ontario to introduce low-dose irradiation therapy.

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