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Toronto Branch of the Canadian Nuclear Society and the OPG Probabilistic Risk Assessment Department announce a public seminar

Speaker: Mr. Keith Dinnie, Design Engineer - PRA, Probabilistic Risk Assessment Department (PRAD), Ontario Power Generation Inc.

Title of Talk: The Environmental Cost of Nuclear Power

Date and Time: 11:45 AM, June 29, 2000

Location: Floor 8, Conference Room A (enter floor 8 main doors, turn right, watch for signs)

OPG Head office, 700 University Ave., Toronto

If you are coming as a visitor to OPG, please contact Adam McLean (see below) to be put on a list for security purposes and check-in on the main floor when you arrive.

All welcome. Coffee and donuts will be provided.


The question of whether and how to reflect the environmental costs of electric power generation in the price of electricity has been an issue in Canada for a number of years. It has been used by intervenors as an argument against the export of power from Canada, and the expansion of the nuclear and conventional power generation programs in Ontario. Important decisions on the future of nuclear power in Canada are about to be made, based largely on the findings of an environmental impact assessment. There is a history of making such decisions within an isolated framework, focusing only on the merits and demerits of a given technology such as nuclear power. An informed decision on the choice of electricity generation option can only be made when the environmental implications of the option under consideration and its practical alternatives are compared. Treating the impacts of alternative generating options in a common and consistent manner can help to minimize the effect of the uncertainties in any comparative assessment of different options. The presentation will recommend some assessment guidelines to contribute towards this objective.

Speaker's Biography

Keith Dinnie joined Ontario Hydro in 1978 as a radiation physicist, after a period working on the nuclear submarine program for Rolls-Royce and Associates in the UK. He was a founder-member of the Probabilistic Risk Assessment group at Ontario Hydro and has spent the better part of the last 20 years looking at the economic, radiological and environmental consequences of CANDU accidents. He recently served as Acting Manager of the Probabilistic Risk Assessment Department (PRAD) in the Engineering Standards and Programs Division of Ontario Power Generation Inc. Currently, he is Section Manager in dual capacity for the Reliability Data and Support, and the Consequences and Studies Sections of PRAD.

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