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Toronto Branch of the Canadian Nuclear Society Announces a Public Seminar

Speaker: Mr. Joseph Yeremian, President, Thermodyne Engineering Inc.

Title of Talk: Qualification and Simulation of Aging in Nuclear Safety Related Equipment

Date and Time: 11:45 AM, July 26, 2000

Location: Main Auditorium, Mezzanine Level, OPG Head office, 700 University Ave., Toronto

All welcome. Coffee and donuts will be provided.


The proper operation of Safety related equipment is vital for nuclear power plants during an accident. This accident could be an earthquake, a loss of coolant accident (LOCA) or a Main Steam Line Break (MSLB).

If such an accident happens near the end of the life of the plant when the life expectancy of the equipment is almost depleted, such safety related equipment has to operate to meet strict specification requirements.

The purpose of this seminar is to explain the simulation of aging process and the tests conducted to simulate the accidents and the overall qualification procedure. Video and pictures of actual tests will also be presented.

Speaker's Biography

Joseph Yeremian is a Consulting Engineer with 25 years of nuclear experience. He is a graduate with Master of Engineering degree from University of Toronto. He worked for AECL from 1975 to 1981 then he started his own company Thermodyne Engineering Ltd where a group of engineers perform qualification testing, stress analysis and other work related to all CANDU and other nuclear power plants. The company is also involved in Aerospace and Defense work.

Mr. Yeremian is on the board of directors with the Organization of CANDU Industries and is an active member of CNS. He is planning to start an Environmental and Seismic Qualification committee within CNS.

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