Past Events - March 31 2000

Ingo Beckmerhagen, a mechanical engineer of the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection visited the Whiteshell Laboratories of AECL on March 31 2000. While here, he gave a presentation to the CNS Manitoba Branch.

Safety Management to Improve the Operational Safety of Nuclear Installations Performance

Today's perception of Quality Management (QM) focuses on quality of performance as well as safety, and encompasses all management and assessment activities.   The quality of design determines the safety of the item and the dependability of its structures, systems and components.   This is particularly important for products, processes and installations which have the potential for a risk to the workers and/or to the environment.

In this context, an integrated QM system not only takes care of the traditional QM requirements but encompasses for example environment, occupational health, dependability and safety requirements as well.   Safety management has an increasing importance to enhance the safety and safe operation of nuclear installations like nuclear power plants and radioactive waste repositories and to determine appropriate maintenance and testing activities and to support the independent surveillance during the operation of these facilities to improve its safe operation.   Therefore, quality management is addressed in different German nuclear safety standards to provide the uniform application in different installations.   In the paper, the correlation between quality management and safety management as well as dependability management will be shown and pointed out, how the different elements of the different management systems as defined, e.g., in ISO and IEC standards can be joined together in an integrated QM system.   Examples for the improvement of safety for the nuclear industry as well as for repositories for radioactive waste due to safety management systems will be given.   A comparable approach of a management concept in combining quality, safety and environmental aspects has been applied in a chemical plant particularly paying attention to operating processes and elements of risk.

Thus, today's QM is not restricted to formal checks.   If the QM system is applied in an appropriate way and if the work done is in compliance with the QM procedures, and the safety management is an integrated part of the overall QM system, quality management is one basis for a safe operation and can provide proposals for the improvement of the items as well as of procedures.

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