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Members of the CNS prepare position papers, intervention submissions for CNSC hearings and other documents in support of the nuclear science and technology in Canada.

These documents are prepared by volunteers on behalf of the CNS, as the CNS has no paid staff to perform these activities. The effort of the volunteer members is much needed and much appreciated.

If you are interested in (helping with) the preparation of a document for the CNS, you should contact the CNS Communications Director.

Documents submitted in support of the nuclear science and technology community:

  1. 2013 September 17: CNS submission to the Deep Geological Repository (DGR) hearing in Kincardine, Submission and Presentation:
  2. 2013 September: CNS position paper on Ontario’s long term energy plan:
  3. 2013 May 29: Intervention by the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) Before the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Regarding Application by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to renew for a five year term and to merge the operating licences for the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station
  4. 2013 April 2: Request for Expression of Interest – AECL (Prepared by Colin Hunt)
  5. 2010: Maintaining Excellence: Planning a New Multipurpose Research Reactor for Canada 
  6. 2006 December 21: Letter to federal cabinet ministers regarding "The Future of Nuclear Energy in Canada"
  7. 2005 Sept. 29: Communiqué de presse de la Société Nucléaire Canadienne section Québec
  8. 2005 February 10: CNS Letter in Support of Continued Federal Nuclear Research and Development Funding (85 kB pdf)
  9. 2005 February 1: CNS Presentation to the NWMO Advisory Council (38 kB pdf)