Past Events and Seminars



April 6th – Development and Deployment of Small Modular Reactors in New Brunswick


Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Jun 22 Michael Soulard AECL Enhanced CANDU 6 (EC6): A Proven Mid-Sized Reactor with Fuel-Cycle Capabiity Announcement
Jun 1 Dr. Adriaan Buijs CNS President
McMaster University
Nuclear Energy in the Education of Sustainable Engineering Practices Announcement Presentation
Feb 4 Dr. Sermet Kuran AECL Alternative Fuel Cycles for CANDU Reactors Announcement Presentation


Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Sep 8 Dr. Peter Ottensmeyer UofT – retired CANDU Used Fuel “Waste” in Canada: A $35 Trillion Energy Resource in Fast Reactors Announcement Presentation
Jul 15 Dr. Brian Cheadle AECL – retired Development of Zr-2.5 Nb Pressure Tubes for
CANDU Reactors.
Announcement Presentation
Feb 26 Dr. Duane Bratt Mount Royal University Introducing Nuclear Power in Alberta: Actors, Issues and Politics Announcement


Date  Speaker Affiliation Topic
Jun 17 Dr. Ed Waller UOIT Nuclear Engineering from the Outside: What happens when you don’t work on reactors? Announcement
Mar 9 James Smith SNC-Lavalin Nuclear Inc. Steam Generator Replacement Announcement
Jan 7 AJ Muzumdar Dan Meneley COG and UOIT Large-LOCA Safety Margins Announcement


Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Oct 20
John Percy University of Toronto Celebrating the Golden Ages of Astronomy Announcement
July 17 Syed Zaidi AECL Point Lepreau Refurbishment Impact on New Brunswick Announcement
Jan 11
Jerememy Whitlock AECL CANDU Non-Proliferation and Safeguards: A Good Story Seldom Told Announcement


Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Nov 22 Eric Williams CNS Current Refurbishment/Future Vision of the Canadian Nuclear Industry Announcement
Sep 28 Peter Lang Air Canada SAFE FLIGHT (A pilot’s approach to safety and risk management in the conduct of an overseas airline flight
Aug 2 Yigal Ronen Israel Nuclear Society Conceptual Design of Americium Nuclear Battery for Space Applications Announcement
May 29 Prof. Shu-Zheng Liu Jilin University, Changchun P.R. China Does Cancer Risk Increase or Decrease after a Low Dose of Radiation? Announcement
May 28 Colin J. Allan IAEA (INPRO) The International Project on Innovative Reactors and Fuel Cycles – INPRO
Mar 19 Dr. Sermet Kuran AECL CANDU Prospects for the Oilsands
Jan 24 Dr. Daniel Meneley CNS The Stroll Down the License Acceptance Curve Used by the CNSC


Date  Speaker Affiliation Topic
Nov 2 Burton Bennett Chernobyl Forum The Chernobyl Accident: 20 Years After, Health and Environmental Impacts Announcement
Sep 28 David Mosey Reactor Accidents: Institutional Failure in the Nuclear Industry Announcement
Jul 25 Vladimir Slugen Slovak Nuclear Society Nuclear Power Engineering in Slovakia Announcement
Jun 8 Bruno Comby Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy Announcement
Apr 13 Mike Lafontaine IST Canada In-core Flux Detectors, Introduction and Developments
Jan 26 Mark McIntyre NB Power The World Nuclear University Announcement


Date  Speaker Affiliation Topic
Nov 9 David Scott AECL Retubing of a CANDU 6 Announcement
Oct 5 Prof. John Luxat McMaster University Energy Challenges and Nuclear Opportunity Announcement
May 18 Frank King OPG Ontario Power Generation’s Plan for a Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Waste Announcement
Apr 15 Dick Bourgeois-Doyle NRC The Life and Work of George Klein Announcement
Mar 9 Richard Sauve AECL State-of-the-Art Numerical Simulation of a Rolled Joint Manufacturing Process Announcement
Jan 10 Dr. Michael Podowski Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY Understanding Multiphase Flow: Myths, Needs and Reality Announcement