The Core Business Blog

with Neil Alexander

CNS Communications Director

  • Core Business Blog Launch

    Welcome to the Core Business Blog, the Canadian Nuclear Society’s new approach to letting you know about the issues facing the Canadian nuclear industry. Nuclear power’s potential role in achieving […]

  • Proactively communicating about nuclear issues

    Our communications program began with us trying to correct misinformation by responding to media articles in which the misinformation was being spread.   We learned that this quickly becomes a game […]

  • On how activists deploy propaganda techniques as they attempt to deceive

    John Bennett, a Senior Policy Advisor to Friends of the Earth Canada and an ardent anti-nuclear campaigner responded to our letter in the Hill Times.  I can reproduce his letter […]

  • More on getting the words right

    Words are very powerful, because they paint pictures in people’s minds that are very hard to move.  It is important that we use them correctly. Many will have heard me […]