Western Branch


The Western branch of the CNS covers Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan,Yukon,  Northwest Territories and Nunavut. We are dedicated to pursuing public understanding of nuclear power and radiation. We are specifically exploring:

a.      Outreach and education opportunities, first to engage the branch’s membership and then look at broader public engagement.

b.      Opportunities for First Nation and Northern engagement

c.     Creating and delivering a nuclear and radiation awareness professional development session for science teachers

We are a geographically diverse group, so we rarely have in-person meetings, but we do have web conferences and phone conferences to discuss issues related to nuclear power, as well as hold events in communities within the branch. 

For more information or to get involved in the CNS Western Branch, please contact Arthur Situm (arthur.situm@uregina.ca).

Executive Committee

· Dr. Arthur Situm, Regina, Co-Chair

· Dr. Jason Donev, Calgary, Co-Chair

· Mr. Raphael Schirrer, Vancouver, Treasurer

· Mr. Matthew Dalzell, Saskatoon, Past Co-Chair and Member at large

· Mr. Aaron Hinman, Edmonton, Education and Outreach Coordinator

· Dr. Robert Varty, Edmonton, Membership Coordinator

· Dr. David Malcolm, Inuvik, Member at Large

· Dr. Duane Pendergast, FCNS, Lethbridge, Member at Large

· Mrs. Dazawray Landrie-Parker, Saskatoon, Member at Large

· Dr. Barbara Szpunar, Saskatoon, Member at Large

· Dr. Ashok Khanna, Dhanband Jarkhand, India, as Member at Large

· Mr. Shaun Ward, Lethbridge, Member at Large