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Generation IV and Small Reactor Technology Divison (G4SR)

For more than a decade, Generation IV International Forum (GIF) has led international collaborative efforts to develop next generation nuclear energy systems that can help meet the world’s future energy needs. Generation IV designs will use fuel more efficiently, reduce waste production, be economically competitive, and meet stringent standards of safety and proliferation resistance.

The Generation IV International Forum (GIF) has fourteen Members (of which Canada is a member) which are signatories to its founding document, the GIF Charter. The goals adopted by GIF provided the basis for identifying and selecting six nuclear energy systems for further development:

Several Small Modular Reactor vendors (whose designs belong to some of the above Generation IV design categories) have recently established themselves in Canada and initiated dialogue with the regulator, suppliers, utilities, governments and potential customers, for potential development and deployment in Canada.

In alignment with the latest advanced SMR development trends in Canada, the CNS Division’s primary objectives are to fulfil CNS objectives as a learned society by providing a medium to share with others practising in these and related fields, such as:

These objectives will be achieved through the organizing of conferences, seminars, workshops and technical courses and soliciting articles for publication in the CNS bulletin.

The missions for the Division can be summarized below:

  1. Organize and deliver the bi-yearly International Conference on Generation IV and Small Reactors. This conference was previously called International Technical Meeting on Small Reactors (ITMSR). The name of the conference is now changed to International Conference on Generation IV and Small Reactors (G4SR), due to the inclusion of Generation IV nuclear systems, as well as the intent to have the representation of an international conference, as opposed to the past focus of a Technical Meeting.
  2. Encourage Canada-wide participation and sharing of information on research in Generation IV nuclear designs and small modular reactors, and related sciences and technology.
  3. Promote Canada-wide co-operation and collaboration between universities, various research laboratories, industry and private companies in Generation IV nuclear designs and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).
  4. Provide resources / information to all stakeholders (e.g. federal and provincial governments, universities, industry, associations, societies) to encourage their long-term, continued and sustained support on Canadian R&D in Generation IV Nuclear Design and Small Modular Reactors.
  5. Encourage technical exchange among:
    • SMR developers/Gen IV reactor vendors.
    • Scientific researchers.
    • Educators, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts.
    • International nuclear agencies- IAEA, NEA, etc., government officials, etc.

G4SR aims to promote sharing public domain technical resources on nuclear policy analytical framework, nuclear advanced materials, safety analysis methodologies and simulation tools for Gen IV nuclear design and SMR research and development. This is acomplished in the following ways:

  1. Co-operate with various societies (e.g. American Nuclear Society, UK Nuclear Institute, European Nuclear Society, Chinese Nuclear Society etc.), and to help co-sponsor and support their efforts with regards to Gen IV Nuclear Design and SMR.
  2. Inform CNS members of news, stories and information about what is going on in Gen IV Nuclear Design and SMR technology research and development, both in Canada, and in other nations, including upcoming domestic and international conferences, meetings, workshops, and training courses.