2021 G4SR Webinars

August 25: Skill Development and Knowledge Management Supporting Advanced Reactor Deployment

February 11: Small Modular Reactor Research & Development – Special Session on Molten Salt Reactor Phenomena Identification and Ranking

May 19: The IAEA Passive BWR Simulator Demonstration to illustrate ESBWR features

Speakers: Wilson Lam, CTI Simulation, CNS G4SR Technology Division Chair – on Passive BWR’s Design Features and Demonstration of the Simulator; Dr. Chirayu Batra, Nuclear Power Project Officer (SMR), IAEA – on IAEA Educational NPP Simulator Program; Dr. Haseeb ur Rehman, IAEA  – on Evolution of BWR: conventional BWR, ABWR, ESBWR, BWRX-300.

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Oct 5: Regulatory and Standards Readiness for Innovation in Nuclear

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Presentation slides:

1. Disruptive, Innovative and Emerging Technology (DIET) and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission –  Kevin Lee, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, click here.
2. Moving at the Pace of Change: Achieving Regulatory Readiness as a Modern, Risk-Informed Regulator –    Luis Betancourt, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), click here.
3. Innovation Never Stops in the Canadian Nuclear Industry –  Carlos Lorencez, CANDU Owners Group, click here.
4. Holding the Future to a Higher Standard: CSA Nuclear Program and Innovation –  Larisa Logan, CSA Group, click here.