Materials, Chemistry & Fitness-for-Service Division (MCFD)

Ever increasing demands for fitness-for-service (FFS) demonstrations often require innovative and multidisciplinary solutions that involve elements of engineering from: materials, chemistry, stress analysis, thermal-hydraulic analysis, probabilistic assessment methods, examination and inspection approaches, and operational strategies. This is the case for most major nuclear plant systems and components, regardless of reactor type.

The MFC Division’s objectives are to provide a forum for exchanging views, ideas, and information relating to FFS demonstrations, and to share technical engineering in support of life extension and refurbishment of nuclear plant major components.

These objectives will be achieved through organizing conferences, seminars, and technical courses and soliciting articles for publication in the CNS bulletin.

The organization of events is normally done by ad-hoc Committees, consisting of both CNS members and non-members, who have a specific interest in the subject.

Past Activities

Past activities have been centred on: