Science and Technologies of Radio Isotopes


Our Vision

As a division of Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS), we work with Canadian nuclear Science and Technology enterprises towards the optimum and safe uses of radio isotopes for global food, health and industrial uses in collaboration with our international partners.

Our Mission 

In collaboration with the Canadian nuclear industry, businesses, medicine, and agricultural communities, we will:

  1. Enhance the knowledge base of nuclear science and technologies within Canada
  2. Engage with our international counterparts to the mutual benefit
  3. Serve as a conduit of information among the stakeholders
  4. Engage in educational and outreach activities in concert with other divisions of CNS with specific emphasis on Canadian youth and public awareness of peaceful uses of radio isotopes

Long Term Goals

  • Creating various university courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels regarding isotopes and their use to reach a multidisciplinary wide-reaching audience.