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If you would like to volunteer to become part of the CNS-FSTD executive to serve in a role, please contact CNS-FSTD Chair Blair Bromley (


Key Activities Name Affiliation email

organization and communications.

Blair Bromley
Co-Chair Assistant to Chair Peter Schwanke (tentative) Candu Energy
FSTD Webmaster Maintains CNS-FSTD webpage. Terry Price UOIT
FSTD Membership Promotes membership. open

Secretary Record
meeting minutes and actions.
Alex Fallon General Fusion
Tokamak SME Subject matter expert.
Dr. Chijin Xiao University of Saskatchewan Department of Physics
Inertial Confinement SME Subject matter expert. Professor Robert Fedosejevs University of Alberta Electrical Engineering
Magnetized Target Fusion SME Subject matter expert. Michael Delage (tentative) General Fusion (Vancouver, BC)
Alternative Concepts SME Subject matter expert. open

Fusion Fuels SME Subject matter expert. open

Director - ITER Liaison To be defined. Dr. Pitcher Spencer ITER ? Diagnostics Group
Director ? India Liaison To be defined. Prof. M. S. Kalra Nuclear Engineering and Technology Programme Indian Institute of Technology
Student Liaison To be defined. Sourena Golesorkhi UOIT
Student Liaison To be defined Achint Rastogi UOIT
Conference Coordination Assistant To be defined. David Malcolm Yellowknife, NWT
Director ? Liaison SME ? Condensed Matter Physics Subject Matter Expert Condensed Matter Physics, Superconducting materials. Position Paper Coordinator Dr. Satyen Baindur (confirmed)
Directors ?Liaisons at Various Canadian and International Universities, Laboratories, and Institutions To be defined. Open