11th International Conference on Isotopes

I am also writing to you to draw your attention to the 11th International Conference on Isotopes (ICI) we are hosting in Canada during 19-23 June, 2022. We hope to have an in-person conference, Covid permitting. 

You may know that the ICI is coordinated by the World Congress of Isotopes with headquarters in Seoul, Korea.  This conference covers diverse topics of isotopes (both unstable and stable): production, usage, regulations, supply etc. etc.  We have a track of isotopes in Cosmology and Astrophysics also.   I am attaching a poster and a brief description of the conference.  I hope you, your colleagues, collaborators etc. would be interested to contribute to the conference to make it a richer one on any topic(s) of choice concerning isotopes.  The deadline for abstract submission is 17 Jan 2022.

For more details please click here or visit our website @ 11ici.org