Clean Core and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Sign Strategic Partnership on Advanced Nuclear Fuel Development

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Chicago and Chalk River ON, April 12, 2023 – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and Clean Core Thorium Energy (“Clean Core”) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to further the development and deployment of Clean Core’s advanced nuclear fuel called the “ANEEL Fuel.” This strategic partnership creates a framework under which CNL will support Clean Core’s critical activities, including R&D and licensing.

Clean Core’s proprietary ANEEL fuel technology leverages thorium and high assay low enriched Uranium (HALEU), and aims to improve the economics and safety of CANDU reactors and Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs) globally, while increasing proliferation resistance and reducing waste. “We look forward to partnering with Clean Core on the development and deployment of its advanced nuclear fuel technology, which has the potential to boost the performance and economics of reactors worldwide,” said Dr. Jeff Griffin, CNL’s Vice-President of Science and Technology.

Clean Core expects that when ANEEL Fuel is commercially ready in 2025, it can offer existing PHWRs worldwide next-generation performance and cost advantages.  “Our strategic partnership with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories will help accelerate the commercialization of our ANEEL Fuel, with the potential to make reactors cleaner, more cost effective, and further improve safety,” said Mehul Shah, CEO of Clean Core. “This affiliation with CNL on realizing ANEEL Fuel, together with research we are conducting in collaboration with our partners in the United States, creates a powerful cooperative effort to propel ANEEL fuel toward commercial readiness.”

As Canada’s national nuclear laboratories, CNL serves the Government of Canada and the nuclear industry through the delivery of innovative nuclear products and services, a responsibility that includes supporting the safe and reliable operation of Canada’s nuclear fleet. That work is carried out at the Chalk River Laboratories, which CNL operates on behalf of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), and which is home to a wide range of unique facilities and technical expertise, from advanced fuels and reactor physics to thermodynamics and materials science. 

About CNL 

As Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology laboratory, and working under the direction of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), CNL is a world leader in the development of innovative nuclear science and technology products and services. Guided by an ambitious corporate strategy known as Vision 2030, CNL fulfills three strategic priorities of national importance – restoring and protecting the environment, advancing clean energy technologies, and contributing to the health of Canadians.

By leveraging the assets owned by AECL, CNL also serves as the nexus between government, the nuclear industry, the broader private sector and the academic community. CNL works in collaboration with these sectors to advance innovative Canadian products and services towards real-world use, including carbon-free energy, cancer treatments and other therapies, non-proliferation technologies and waste management solutions.

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About Clean Core Thorium Energy

Founded in 2017, Clean Core has been developing the patent-pending ANEEL (or Advanced Nuclear Energy for Enriched Life) Fuel for imminent use in PHWR/CANDUs globally. The Advanced Test Reactor at the U.S. DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory is currently conducting high-burnup irradiation testing and qualification of the ANEEL Fuel for commercialization readiness. Following this, Clean Core aims to carry out a demonstration irradiation of ANEEL fuel in a commercial CANDU/PHWR upon regulatory approval. Learn more at

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