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Intelligence Update with Jeremy Whitlock

About Jeremy: Since 2017 at the IAEA in Vienna, currently as Senior Technical Advisor, IAEA Dept. of Safeguards, with responsibility for the IAEA’s ‘safeguards by design’ programme – i.e., readiness for SMRs and other emerging nuclear technologies.22 years at AECL/CNL – reactor physicist 1994-2006, manager of non-proliferation and safeguards programme 2006-2016. PhD and MEng from McMaster (Engineering Physics – reactor physics), BSc from Waterloo (physics)
In our intelligence update with Olivier Gregoire of Moltex we learned all about how their technology would address the proliferation issue. There were many questions about proliferation control and the international Safeguard’s program that we did not have the time nor the expertise to answer.  As it happens, a good friend  and active member of the Canadian Nuclear Society, Jeremy Whitlock, is presently at the IAEA in Vienna, where he is a Senior Technical Advisor in the Department of Safeguards, so I asked him if he would tell us all about it and he agreed. So if you want to learn all about the Safeguard’s program, its impact on Canada and how Small Modular Reactors will fit in then please join us in conversation on:
Tuesday February 13th, from 11:00am-12:00pm.
Please note the earlier start is to accommodate Jeremy whose day begins much earlier than ours.
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