Past Seminars and Speakers

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The CNS Chalk River Branch held a Virtual Lecture Series on WEBEX in celebration of Nuclear Science Week (October 19-23, 2020) and it was a great success.

Nuclear Science Week is a national broadly-observed week long celebration to focus local, regional and national interest on all aspects of nuclear science.

The virtual lecture series reviewed the accomplishments of the ZEEP and ZED-2 zero energy test reactors that paved the way for the Canadian nuclear industry and to this day support safe operation of the CANDU fleet while providing support for the advanced reactor fleet of tomorrow.

The lectures were in celebration of the 75th (ZEEP) and 60th (ZED-2) anniversaries of first criticality.

October 20, 2020 at 7pm: The 75th Anniversary of ZEEP – Morgan Brown (CNL)
Click here for the presentation (PDF 32.6MB). Click here for the event recording (MP4 107.7MB)

October 21, 2020 at 7pm: ZED-2: 60+ Years of Success – Luke Yaraskavitch (CNL)
Click here for the presentation(PDF 10.5MB). Click here for the event recording (MP4 97.4MB)


Alys GardnerOct 31Abbot Risk ConsultingThe United Kingdom’s Nuclear Industry Landscape – A UK Nuclear Institute Perspective
Morgan BrownOct. 17CNLAnnual General Meeting followed by Splitting Atoms, Canadian Style
Patrick CauseySept 26CNLResearching Targeted Alpha Therapy at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Bill DiamondMay 31 Applications of Electron Accelerators to Nuclear R&D
Kathryn McCarthyApril 26VP – R&D, CNLCNL’s S&T plans and specific initiatives. (Photo)
Peter Ozemoyah Feb 22President – CNS Operations and Future Directions of the CNS


John HilbornDec 7  Fully-Integrated Mo-99 Production from NRU and CANDU
Samy El-JabyNov 16CNL Understanding the Space Radiation Environment
Chris HattonNov. 2 NWMO Engineering Developments at Nuclear Waste Management Organization  (NWMO)
Meggan VickerdSept. 27 CNL Joint CNS / Women in Nuclear Talk
 In-Situ Decommissioning the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) Reactor
Nihan OnderJul. 27 CNL Accident Tolerant Fuels for Nuclear Reactors
Paul ThompsonFeb. 24 President – CNS CNS Annual President’s Dinner Meeting – “Lessons Learned from the Point  Lepreau Generating Station Refurbishment” (photo1photo2)


 AGMNov. 4 Branch Updates and 2016 Executive Elections 
 Dan McArthurNov. 4Bruce PowerPublic Alerting – Applying Lessons Learned from Fukushima (photo)
Art McDonaldOct. 16Queen’s UniversityReflections of a Nobel Laureate (photo)
Mark LesinskiOct. 7CNLA Vision for the Future of CNL (photo)
Jerry CuttlerSept 29Cuttler and AssociatesRemedy for Radiation Fear (photo1photo2)
Martin SmithMarch 26Bubble Technology IndustriesMeasurements of Neutron Radiation on the International Space Station
Jacques PlourdeMarch 11President – CNSCNS Annual President’s Dinner Meeting – “40 Years of CANDU”


Joan MillerApril 10AECLGlobal Threat Reduction Initiative
Adriaan BuijsFeb. 25President – CNSCNS Annual President’s Dinner Meeting – “The National Lab and I”


Igor PioroNov. 21University of Ontatio Institute of Technology (UOIT)Nuclear Power as a Basis for Future Electricity Production in the World
 Dr. John Root Oct 15 Canadian Neutron Beam Centre How NRU Delivers Value to Canada through Materials R&D with Neutron Beams
Jeremy WhitlockJul. 11Manager, Non-Proliferation and Safeguards, AECLSplitting Atoms – Canadian Style
John RobertsMar. 4President – CNSCNS 8th Annual President’s Dinner Meeting – “Overlook Chemistry at Your (Plant’s) Peril”
Ian D. ClarkJan. 29University of OttawaBury It! Seminar on Nuclear Waste


Bruce Heinmiller?Dec 05AECLA Critical Assessment of Radiation Folklore
Shelley Rolland-PoruksMay 23Community Affairs Officer of AECLEngaging and Working With Our Community (Photo)
Frank DoyleFeb 21Director of the Research and Development Program for CANDU Owners Group (COG)The Future of Nuclear in Canada and the Role of CNS, COG and the Chalk River Laboratories



Tony NobleDec 8Director of the SNOLAB InstituteThe Neutrino Enigma and Other Dark Matters
Peter LangDec 5Dunedin Energy SystemsThe Urgent Need for Small Modular Reactors in Canada’s North
Pia DimayugaOct 27 Annual General Meeting & Shad Valley Enrichment Program & 1972 NRU Vessel Change (movie)
John CampbellSep 14Professor, (retired)
University of Canterbury 
Making the Earnest Rutherford Documentary (Photo)
John C. LuxatAug 25Professor, 
McMaster University
Fukushima Dai-ichi: A Technical Assessment of the Events and Radiological Consequences
John KatsarasJul 28Principal Research Officer, NRC Canada
Senior Scientist Biological Systems, ORNL USA
From the Discovery of the Neutron to the Spallation Neutron Source
Bill DiamondJul 21Retired Senior Researcher, Fluid Sealing Technology Branch, AECLCritical Thinking in Science
David GuzonasJul 14Principal Chemist, Reactor Chemistry and Corrosion Branch, AECLSupercritical Water. What exactly is it?
Jeremy WhitlockJul 7Manager, Non-Proliferation and Safeguards, AECLSplitting Atoms – Canadian Style
Ragnar DworschakJun 29Director of Technical Services Best Theratronics LimitedBest Theratronics – An AECL Spin-off Success Story
Donald R. WilesMay 19Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Carleton UniversityA Half Century with Radiochemistry
Rosaura Ham-SuApr 12Manager of Fuel Development Branch, AECLAn Overview of Fuel Development Work
 Adriaan Buijs Feb 21McMaster University, Professor of Engineering PhysicsAlternative Fuel Cycles for CANDU Reactors


Rick JonesNov 29, 2010Retired ZED-2 Facility Manager, AECLA history of ZED-2
David CoxOct 14, 2010DIR-SAFETY ENG & LICENSINGNRU Return to Service Project
William (Bill) DiamondJul 29, 2010Retired Senior Researcher, AECLMy Years as a Physicist at Chalk River Laboratories
Craig StuartJul 22, 2010Senior Radiation Chemist, Reactor Chemistry and Corrosion Branch, AECLThe Role of Radiation Chemistry in Maintaining Reactor Integrity
Jeremy WhitlockJul 8, 2010Manager of Non-Proliferation and Safeguards, CRL, AECLSplitting Atoms, Canadian Style
Eleodor NichitaApr 19, 2010Faculty of Energy Systems & Nuclear Science,
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Why it matters to you
 Duane BrattFeb 25, 2010 Associate Professor, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta Introducing Nuclear Power in Alberta
Norman GentnerFeb 2, 2010 Sixth Secretary of United Nations Scientific CommitteeUNSCEAR in a Challenging World
Gina StratiOct 26, 2009Manager, Mechanical Equipment Development, AECLTooling Development at the Chalk River R&D Laboratoriesin Support of the NRU Vessel Leak Repair Project
Bill DiamondJuly 30, 2009Senior Researcher, Fluid Sealing Technology Branch, AECLCritical Thinking in Science
Rosauara Ham-SuJuly 23, 2009Fuel Materials Properties and Behaviour Section, Fuel Development Branch, CRL, AECLEnergy Harvesting Materials to Power Today’s Devices
Ted CliffordJuly 16, 2009Principal Scientist, Bubble Technology Industries (BTI)“The Business of Physics” or “How to Live Long and Prosper”
Jeremy WhitlockJuly 9, 2009Manager of Non-Proliferation and Safeguards, CRL, AECLSplitting Atoms, Canadian Style
Brent WilliamsApril 23, 20092008/09 President, North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN)Bruce B Training Simulators – Models and Technology
Jim HarvieMarch 4, 20092008/09 President, Canadian Nuclear SocietyFrom CNSC to CNS – a Former Regulator’s Perspective
Fred BlacksteinFebruary 12, 2009AECL (ret’d)Chalk River – The Middle Years
Michel J. PettigrewJanuary 29, 2009École PolytechniqueFlow Induced Vibration in Two Phase Flows, Some Interesting Phenomena
John CampbellOctober 20, 2008Professor (ret’d), University of Canterbury, New ZealandErnest Rutherford and the Nobel Prize
Peter OttensmeyerSeptember 25, 2008Professor Emeritus, Dept of Medical Biophysics, University of TorontoSubduction for Permanent Disposal of Long-Lived Highly Radioactive Nuclear Wastes (8 MB)
David LeBlancAugust 15, 2008Carleton UniversityMolten Salt Reactors (0.9 MB)
Dr. Davis EarleJuly 31, 2008Sudbury Neutrino ObservatorySudbury Neutrino Observatory – Observing the Sun from 2 km Underground
Hugh BonifaceJuly 24, 2008CRL, AECLWolsong Tritium Removal Facility
Jeremy WhitlockJuly 10, 2008Manager of Non-Proliferation and Safeguards, CRL, AECLSplitting Atoms, Canadian Style
Brent LewisJune 26, 2008Professor, Royal Military College“Cosmic Radiation and the Frequent Flyer” or “The Dangers of Getting High”
Stephen YuMay 21, 2008General Manager, New Build CANDU, AECLACR-1000 – the Advanced CANDU Reactor for Canada (5.5 MB)
John KinneyMay 12, 2008Dept. of Safeguards, Toronto Regional Office, IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): International Non-Proliferation and Safeguards (3.3 MB)
Eric WilliamsFebruary 25, 2008President, Canadian Nuclear SocietyBruce Refurbishment and Future of the Canadian Nuclear Industry
Wayne ThompsonJanuary 24, 2008 History and Status of Search and Rescue in Canada (11 MB)
Syed ZaidiDecember 13, 2007NRU – Facility Quality Representative, AECLPoint Lepreau Refurbishment Impact on New Brunswick
Don MacKinnonOctober 25, 2007President, Power Workers’ UnionA Better Energy Plan for Ontario (3 MB)
Hideo HaradaSeptember 6, 2007Hitachi CanadaHitachi’s Experience in Nuclear Power Plant and the Latest Status on Distributed Control System Joint Development for ACR New Build Projects
Dr. Davis EarleAugust 2, 2007Sudbury Neutrino ObservatorySudbury Neutrino Observatory – Observing the Sun from 2 km Underground
David LeBlancJuly 26, 2007Carleton UniversityMolten Salt Reactors (0.7 MB)
Phyllis HeeneyJuly 12, 2007Senior Project Engineer, AECL1) Stored Liquid Waste Tank Inspections
2) Fuel Packaging and Storage Project
Dr. Roy KrouseJune 20, 2007Emeritus Professor, University of CalgarySleuthing with Stable Isotopes
Dr. Alex DeVolpiJune 12, 2007Argonne National Laboratory (retired)Politicized Nuclear Issues: Proliferation, Energy Security, and Environmental Protection
Dr. Colin J. AllanMay 24, 2007AECL (retired)International Project for Innovative Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO)
CNS CR Branch SymposiumMay 12, 2007Canadian Nuclear Society (Chalk River Branch) / Professional Engineers of Ontario (Algonquin Chapter)Discussing the Viability of a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Renfrew County
Barclay HowdenApril 26, 2007Director General, Nuclear Cycle and Facilities Regulation,
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Nuclear Safety: The Regulator’s Approach to an Expanding Nuclear Industry in Canada
Captain Peter LangApril 5, 2007Pilot,
Air Canada
SAFE FLIGHT: A Pilot’s Approach to Safety and Risk Management in the Conduct of an Overseas Airline Flight
Dr. Dan MeneleyMarch 7, 2007President, Canadian Nuclear Society
AECL Chief Engineer (ret’d)
A Stroll Down the Risk Acceptance Curve
Dr. Jintong LiJanuary 25, 2007Chemical Engineer, Chalk River Laboratories
China’s Nuclear Power Program
Jan Veizer
Photo with CNS CR branch executive (L to R): U. Senaratne, B, Bromley, J. Veizer, R. Dworschak
December 1, 2006Professor of Geology, University of OttawaClimate, Water and Carbon Cycles: Terrestrial Records Across a Hierarchy of Time Scales
Talk Announcement
Presentation (7.7 MB pdf)
David MoseyNovember 23, 2006Author of Reactor Accidents and the Cruickshank ChroniclesInstitutional Failure and Nuclear Safety
Dr. Gary Dyck
Photo of CNS Exec + Gary (RHS) and family)
October 26, 2006Reactor Physicist, Chalk River Laboratories
The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) What is it, and what role might Canada play in it?
Dr. Davis EarleAugust 3, 2006Sudbury Neutrino ObservatorySudbury Neutrino Observatory – Observing the Sun from 2 km Underground
Dr. Bill KupferschmidtJuly 27, 2006General Manager Decommissioning, Chalk River Laboratories
AECL’s Decommissioning & Waste Management Program: Challenges, Opportunities and Recent Developments
Dr. Paul UnrauJuly 13, 2006COSRAY Technology Centre, Deep RiverUsing Evolution in the Lab – No Longer a “Theory”
Mr. Gregory SmithApril 4, 2006Senior Vice President, Darlington Nuclear
Ontario Power Generation
The Darlington Story: The Focus Areas on our Journey to Excellence
828 kB pdf
1938 kB PowerPoint
Dr. Bob AndrewsMarch 22, 2006Manager, Research and Development
Bubble Technology Industries (BTI)
An Overview of Threat Detection R&D at BTI
Dr. John Luxat
February 20, 2006President, CNSEnergy Challenges and Nuclear Opportunity (pdf 248 kB)
Dr. Igor PioroJanuary 26, 2006Senior Scientist (Thermalhydraulics), AECLRussian Nuclear Power Program (past, present, and future) (pdf 8320 kB)
Thierry Joulin and Penny NealNovember 24, 2005AECLThe World Nuclear University Summer Institute Sharing Experience (pdf 965 kB)
Deny See HoyeOctober 24, 2005Program Manager, NRU Licensability Extension Program, AECLIn Praise of an Older Lady – Keeping NRU Young and Alive
Hilary McCormack, LLBJuly 28, 2005Crown Attorney for Ottawa-CarletonScience and Law – Not so Strange Bedfellows. A Look at DNA Evidence and Crime Solving
Dr. Davis EarleJuly 21, 2005Sudbury Neutrino ObservatorySudbury Neutrino Observatory – Observing the Sun from 2 km Underground
Dr. Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ McGregorJuly 14, 2005Former Fellow, Centre for Public Leadership, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard“Science, Ethics & Governance”
Who Risks? Who Benefits? Who Decides?
(pdf 3.4 MB)
Jeremy WhitlockJuly 5, 2005Reactor Physicist, AECL and Past President, Canadian Nuclear SocietySplitting Atoms, Canadian Style
Bob PollockApril 7, 2005Vice-President for Environment, Health and Safety, CogemaSaskatchewan’s Uranium Mining Industry
Bill SchneiderMarch 8, 2005Babcock and Wilcox
Canadian Nuclear Society President
Plant Design Concept Features Over the Years and the Grief as Well as the Excellence that Flowed There-from
Dick Bourgeois-DoyleDecember 7, 2004National Research Council of CanadaGeorge J. Klein: The Most Productive Inventor in Canada in the 20th Century
Dr. Richard CassidyJuly 22, 2004University of SaskatchewanMissing Links in Scientific Knowledge: Historical, Philosophical, and Sociological Aspects of Science
Dr. Davis EarleJuly 15, 2004Sudbury Neutrino ObservatorySudbury Neutrino Observatory – Observing the Sun from 2 km Underground
Dr. Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ McGregorJuly 8, 2004Fellow, Centre for Public Leadership, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard
Deputy Director, IGH, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
“Science, Ethics & Governance”
Who Risks? Who Benefits? Who Decides?
(pdf 3.4 MB)
Mark PorringaMay 20, 2004ZEROPOINT TECHTONIX Inc.Low Energy Induced Nuclear Fusion Through Coherence Of The Quantum Vacuum Zero-Point Energy: Experimental Evidence And Conceptual Theory (256 kB pdf)
Eric DaveyApril 1, 2004Crew Systems SolutionsAt the Controls of a CANDU Reactor – Responsibilities, Organization and Challenges
Bruce LangeJanuary 29, 2004Director, Decommissioning Planning and Operations, AECLDecommissioning Activities at the CRL Site – Insights into AECL’s Past
Dan MeneleyNovember 27 , 2003Project Director, CANTEACHCANTEACH – Preserving CANDU Technical Knowledge
Romney DuffeyOctober 9, 2003Principal Scientist, AECLKnow the Risk: Learning from Errors and Accidents: Safety and Risk in Today’s Technology
Dr. Davis EarleJuly 31, 2003Sudbury Neutrino ObservatorySudbury Neutrino Observatory – Observing the Sun from 2 km Underground
Elizabeth DowdeswellJuly 24, 2003President, Nuclear Waste Management Organization 
Frank FinlayJuly 17, 2003 Know Nukes
John MajorJuly 10, 2003Research Scientist, Canadian Forest ServicesClimate Change and Forest Ecology
George BereznaiFebruary 20, 2003University of Ontario Institute of TechnologyCanada’s Newest Nuclear Engineering Program
Fred BoydJanuary 30, 2003AECB (ret’d)The Birth of the Nuclear Industry
Keith BradleyDecember 16, 2002Director, Asia-Pacific Market, AECLThe CANDU Market in China
William CookNovember 7, 2002University of New BrunswickUNB’s Flow-Assisted Corrosion Research Program
Dr. Davis EarleAugust 1, 2002Sudbury Neutrino ObservatorySudbury Neutrino Observatory – Observing the Sun from 2 km Underground
Dr. Engin ÖzberkJuly 25, 2002Technology Development, Cameco CorporationUranium Processing — A Resource for Clean Energy: Past Present and Future
Tamara YankovichJuly 18, 2002Environmental Technologies, AECLEnvironmental Perspectives: The Importance of Compartmentalization in Ecological Risk Assessment
Romney DuffeyJuly 11, 2002Principal Scientist, AECLNext Generation CANDU
Lorne McConnellMay 31, 2002Ontario Hydro (ret’d)NPD: Canadia’s First Nuclear Power Station
Andrew HibbertMay 2, 2002Arrow Recovery Canada Inc.The search for missing Arrow models
John Katsaras,
Bhaskar Sur,
Ron Rogge
March 19, 2002NRC Neutron Program for Materials Research, and AECLNeutron Holography
David TorgersonJanuary 31, 2002AECLR&D at AECL: The Next 10 Years
Albert LeeDecember 13, 2001MMIR Project, AECLTechnical History of MAPLE Reactors
Philippe DuportNovember 8, 2001International Centre for Low-Dose Radiation ResearchCancer Risk of Low-Dose Radiation Exposure
Dr. Art MacDonaldAugust 2, 2001Sudbury Neutrino ObservatorySudbury Neutrino Observatory Project
Dr. Sara CarlisleJuly 26, 2001Radiation Biology & Health Physics, AECLRadiation Biology
Dr. Ron RoggeJuly 19, 2001National Research Council of CanadaNeutron Scattering
Romney DuffeyJuly 12, 2001Principal Scientist, AECLNext Generation CANDU
Jerry HopwoodMay 3, 2001AECLNext Generation CANDU
Murray StewartMarch 29, 2001Iter CanadaBringing the Iter Fusion Project Canada
Alistair MillerJanuary 25, 2001AECLHeavy Water: Manufacturers’ Guide for the Hydrogen Century
David CoxNovember 9, 2000AECLThe Aftermath of the MOX Shipments
Bill ClarkeSeptember 26, 2000Canadian Nuclear AssociationThe Future of the Canadian Nuclear Industry: Opportunities and Challenges
Tim PattersonJune 8, 2000Carleton UniversityThe Science and Pseudoscience of Climate Change: A Geological Perspective
Terry RogersMay 18, 2000AECL R&D Advisory PanelVision 2020: The Views of AECL’s R&D Advisory Panel
Samim AnghaieApril 27, 2000University of FloridaNuclear Reactors for Space Propulsion
David ShierMarch 9, 2000Ontario Power Workers UnionThe Future of Electricity Generation in Ontario
Ken ChaplinJanuary 27, 2000AECLFuel Channel Inspection at Cernavoda-1
Basma ShalabyNovember 25, 1999AECLAECL’s Chief Engineer’s Office
David CoxOctober 21, 1999AECLThe PARALLEX MOX Program
Grant UnsworthMay 27, 1999CTECHCanada’s Private-Sector Nuclear Industry
Ray SilverApril 22, 1999Journalist (McGraw-Hill)/AuthorThe “Billion-Dollar Nuke Waste Boondoggle (and other thoughts)”
Richard OsborneMarch 11, 1999AECL (ret’d)Tritium research (“Much Effort; Little Energy”)
R. Allen KilpatrickFebruary 1, 1999AECL (President & CEO)Challenges and Opportunities for AECL
Frank SaundersDecember 3, 1998McMaster Nuclear ReactorThe Rise and Fall and Rise of the McMaster Nuclear Reactor
Peter BoczarOctober 29, 1998AECLCANDU Fuel Cycle Vision
Paul ThompsonSeptember 14, 1998Point Lepreau NGSDemonstration Irradiation of CANFLEX Fuel at Point Lepreau
Paul LafrenièreJune 18, 1998AECLPerformance at Gentilly-2 NPP.
Gordon BrooksMay 26, 1998AECLWhy CANDU is the way it is.
David LeeApril 30, 1998AECLAn “Underground Plan” to Capture Radioactivity
(also given in Pembroke at Algonquin College on 98-05-07)
Phil DavisMarch 26, 1998AECLEstablishing the Credibility of Model Predictions: The Human Factor
Bill BuyersFebruary 26, 1998National Research Council of CanadaNRC’s Neutron Scattering Program
Romney DuffeyJanuary 29, 1998AECLAECL’s “Principal Scientist”
Don TaylorDecember 2, 1997AECLZEEP Decommissioning
Dave Thompson,
Harry Collins,
Gerald Dolling,
John Hilborn,
Don Hurst,
John Inglis,
Ross MacEwan,
Phil Ross-Ross
November 6, 1997AECL (Ret’d)NRU’s 40th Anniversary
Glen MacGillivrayOctober 23, 1997Nray ServicesNeutron Radiography
Robert NixonSeptember 25, 1997Chairman of the Board, AECLAECL: Perspective from the Board
Murat SaatciogluMay 29, 1997University of OttawaLessons from Earthquakes
(co-sponsored by PEO)
Beth MacGillivrayMay 15, 1997Ottawa General HospitalNuclear Medicine
(at Algonquin College)
Harry IngApril 20, 1997Bubble Technology Industries (BTI)History of BTI
Norman GentnerMarch 20, 1997AECLLow-Level Radiation
Al WightFebruary 20, 1997AECLLicensing CANDU-9
Iain TrevenaJanuary 16, 1997MDS NordionThe Radioisotope Business
John McManusNovember 21, 1996AECBThe New Regulatory Act
Rich CormanDecember 13, 1995AECL Public Affairs“Telling the Nuclear Story Online”
T.E. RummerySeptember 5, 1995AECLScientific and Engineering Research: Who Needs It?
1. R.E. Green
2. Paul Scholfield
3. David Torgerson
August 4, 19951. AECL (retired)
2. GE Canada
1. ZEEP, The Little Reactor that Could
2. NPD to Darlington at GE Canada
3. Future Developments in Nuclear Technology
Joanne Cohen-SulzenkoJuly 20, 1995AECLBeyond the Nuclear Family — Building AECL’s Relationships
Doug ChristensenMay 23, 1995AECLCANDU Marketing Prospects
Bob RutledgeMay 9, 1995 Biotechnology in Forestry
(April 27 at Algonquin College)
Morris RosenMay 9, 1995IAEAThe International Nuclear Convention
Don AndersonMay 1, 1995Ontario HydroOntario Hydro Nuclear Program
Jack RichmanMarch 29, 1995CANRadioactive Materials — the Untold Story
Merle E. GriebenowMarch 3, 1995Neutron Technology Inc.Boron Neutron Capture Therapy for Treatment of Cancer
Jennifer EspeyFebruary 3, 1995 Gender-Based Differences in Attitude to Nuclear Technology
Dan MeneleyJanuary 17, 1995AECLWhat Can CANDU Do?
Jerry CuttlerJanuary 16, 1995AECLPickering U2 Incident (at CRL)
Jack CornettDecember 6, 1994AECLThe Dating Game — Environmental Isotope Couples
David ThomasNovember 4, 1994AECLThe Financial Perspective
Robert NixonSeptember 23, 1994AECLNuclear Energy and Public Policy
Allan CulhamJune 22, 1994External AffairsCanada’s International Nuclear Relations
Ron MitchelMay 25, 1994AECLRadiation: What Determines the Risk?
(May 19 at Algonquin College)
J.J. CramerMarch 30, 1994AECL – WLThe Cigar Lake Analogue Study
Gerry LynchMarch 2, 1994AECLEvolution of the AECL Research Commercial Driving Forces
Beth MacGillivrayFebruary 9, 1994Ottawa General HospitalMedical Applications of Radioisotopes
Len HopkinsJanuary 27, 1994MP Renfrew-Nipissing-PembrokeScience: An International Language
Bruce HoweOctober 26, 1993AECLAtomic Energy: Fuel of Prosperity
Francoise GuenetteJune 1, 1993AECLPublic Affairs: Challenges and Opportunities
David TorgersonMay 7, 1993AECLAdvanced CANDU R&D
Hilary McCormackApril 8, 1993Justice DepartmentDNA Typing in Criminal Cases
(April 7 at Algonquin College)
William HannumMarch 17, 1993Argonne National LaboratoryIntegral Fast Reactor (IFR)
Roxanne SummersFebruary 10, 1993CNACNA’s Public Information Program
Sean ConwayFebruary 3, 1993MPP Renfrew NorthCurrent Issues Concerning Ontario Hydro
Don LawsonJanuary 14, 1993AECLCANDU: International Project Management
A.J. MooradianDecember 8, 1992AECL (retired)Physics is Immutable: Business will Adjust
T.E. RummeryNovember 30, 1992AECLAECL Research: Present and Future
Bran StewartNovember 20, 1992Ontario HydroDarlington Fuel Damage Investigations
Stan HatcherOctober 27, 1992AECL (retired)Energy, Ethics and Atoms
Dave LemkeyOctober 5, 1992PNFIEarly History of Lumbering in Ottawa Valley
John MacphersonSeptember 1992AECLEducation Outreach: Partnership, Possibilities and Pitfalls
Mort BercovitchMarch 1992  
Norm GentnerFebruary 1992AECL 
Ken TalbotFebruary 6, 1992Ontario Hydro 
Tony LeesNovember 20, 1991  
John ReidSeptember 21, 1991CNA 
John RootJune 17, 1991AECLApplications of Neutron Diffraction to Industrial Problems
Bernard CohenDecember 6, 1990U. of PittsburghRadiation Risk
(co-sponsored with Deep River Science Association)
Paul WianckoNovember 27, 1990Ontario HydroZebra Mussels
Davis EarleMay 29, 1990AECLSudbury Neutrino Observatory
Iain C. TrevenaFebruary 28, 1990Nordion International Inc.Radioactive Isotopes for Nuclear Medicine
Clive GreenstockNovember 1989AECLFood Irradiation
(co-sponsored with Deep River Science Association)
A.J. StirlingNovember 28, 1989AECL AcceleratorsIndustrial AECL Accelerators
J.S. McConnachMarch 1, 1989Ontario HydroMeeting Future Energy Needs: Ontario Hydro’s Demand/Supply Planning Strategy